Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Movie Night

Been trying to get Gregg Bishop's fabulous Dance of the Dead (2008) screened a movie night for quite some time after viewing oh so long ago and loving every minute of it. Finally tonight was the night! It played well as early viewing w/the kids still able to watch (Zombie violence no problem for them... well, at least not Gavin). Everyone enjoyed it as expected.

Next we dived into the dark comedy I was lucky enough to see last year at Capone's AICN advance screening w/Bobcat Goldthwait's Q&A afterwards. Yes, I'm referring to World's Greatest Dad (2009). It worked our crowd perfectly. Excellent Robin Williams performance. Great to see again w/our group.

Our last film of the evening was yet another one I've wanted movie night treatment since viewing it earlier this year. That would be Christopher Smith's mindfuck Triangle (2009). Upon seeing this via NWI I've been itching to view it again after all the online essays I've read and podcasts I've heard dissecting the timeline presented in this film. No, this isn't a "masterpiece" but much like its cousin, Timecrimes, it definitely sparks discussion. I love that.
  • May New: 50
  • May Re-watch: 12
  • May Total: 62
  • 2010 TOTAL: 317

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Ron said...

I really liked Triangle a lot, and I'll probably do a second viewing of it at some time!