Thursday, May 06, 2010

Planetary Domestic Bliss

From my library I retrieved The Vicious Kind (2008) and I'm still not even sure why I placed a hold on this title. It's a indie drama featuring Adam Scott w/sociopathic tendencies and broken Brittany Snow confused in her relationship. It's basically the dysfunctional family piece that has a few interesting moments (like when Scott's character blows up at Snow's character) but nothing particularly special here. Again, why did I place a library hold on his title?

William Marshall's Phantom Planet (1961) was a $3 DVD I picked up at Big Lots! today. That's about the right value for this early 60s sci-fi stinker. That said the DVD does provide both the B&W and color version of the film. But anyone who thinks that Richard Kiel's space monster, The Solarite, is even the least bit frightening is just sad but that monster is hilarious (just look at that thing! I want a plush version). Amusing bad b-movie.
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  • May Re-watch: 3
  • May Total: 15
  • 2010 TOTAL: 270

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