Saturday, May 01, 2010

Women of Horror 2 - Horror Society

Tonight was the long anticipated Women of Horror 2 film festival courtesy of Chicago Horror Society at Portage Theater. Arriving around 7pm I missed several of the earlier shorts but made it in time to greet @ScottFinn and talk to Mitch (@HorrorSociety) a bit before Devi Snively's Trippin' (2009) fired up (and just before that, Devi's short*, I Spit on Eli Roth). We saw the rough cut of the film and it very much appeared that way as it was a little too long and had a few pacing issues. It did manage to provide plenty of humor & horror and as I told Rick (@FreddysFingers) later, I do think there's a good film in there.

After that was a grainy 35mm print of Katherine Bigelow's Near Dark (1987). Despite some audio warbling in the beginning (projector was reset) this was excellent to see on the big screen. I own the Blu-Ray but nothing touches watching in a theater w/a bunch of horror fans. So many great moments. Always find it amusing that Bill Paxton had a little mid-80s career going playing the same character.

Followed that with another cool short*, Eel Girl (2008), that was deliciously creepy. Then another short* after that, Don't Lose Heart (2008), which was like a side scene from 28 Days Later. Great tone in that one.

After a couple of awesome grindhouse trailer reels, came the main feature: The Fog (1980). Now this is the film I came to see! The 35mm print was super grainy and washed out but really it didn't matter as it just added to the atmosphere. This was the main event film since Debra Hill co-wrote the flick w/Carpenter. Loved this film as a child so it was quite a treat to see projected. Still consider it one of my favorite horror films. Now if I could just get a blu-ray of this.

Thanks to Mitch & Jessica (@HorrorWife) for another great event! Great seeing some familiar faces again (shout-out to Brittney-Jade of Day of the Woman blog).

Got home after that and fired up Blood & Bone (2009), featuring Michael Jai White as a serious badass. Damn, does this flick have some great fight sequences w/MJW! It's a really a vehicle for him to showcase his action chops and it delivers. Really dug this flick as corny as it is.
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(* I'm not tallying short films)

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