Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I Scream, You Scream of Fear

On The Gorgon flip is Hammer's Taste of Fear (1961) and holy hell do I love this film! B&W and entirely atmospheric w/the shadow-play, this is a tremendous thriller up there with Hitchcock's finest. Susan Strasberg is the sublime Penny, who returns to her England home as an invalid confined to a wheelchair after a 10 year absence. The mystery builds as her father is notable away on business yet Penny has her doubts as she begins seeing visages of her (dead) father around the estate. I won't go on but suffice it to say that director Seth Holt works the camera and suspense perfectly here. Christopher Lee is typically great in his small role. This film alone makes the Hammer Icons of Horror Collection worth owning.
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  • May Total: 13
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