Friday, May 14, 2010

No Womb of the Emperor

From my library I grabbed The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) off the quick picks shelf figuring I was gonna watch this one sooner or later. Based on everything I've read & heard my expectations were suitably low but all things considered I actually found myself liking this installment of The Mummy franchise. Strange since this one is pegged as being the worst of the three but I really disliked the first two. Not sure what worked for me here since this one is ridiculous (Yeti-cats?!) but it was watchable and entertaining. Great to see Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh onscreen together again... was Twin Warriors (1993) the last (& only other) time these two shared the screen together?

Took in another in the "XX: utsukushiki" exploitation series with Takahito Hara's Beautiful Killing Machine (1996) mainly b/c these Asian Pulp Cinema titles are OOP and disappearing on Netflix. In this one Rei Natsume plays professional bodyguard Cheryl that is quite convincing kicking ass all over the yakuza. She (& her therapist Saiko Isshiki) are very appealing as a pretty unbelievable twist unravels by the end. Overall good watch.

Took @BTSjunkie's advice and queued up Inseminoid (aka Horror Planet) (1981) via NWI. This is a fun b-movie sci-fi horror thriller from the UK that never lets up. Not great by any means but damn fun.
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