Thursday, January 06, 2011

Creatures Lie Here

Monster (2008) is a odd mash-up of Cloverfield and the most recent Monsters. But unlike both of those, this film doesn't show nary a monster. I can accept the novice acting and the location set in Tokyo. However, attempting to stir up drama and fear from merely shaky cam and sound effects doesn't cut it. Wasn't expecting such a serious take by The Asylum. Doesn't suit them but does fulfill my goal of watching a DVD I own. 4.5/10

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974) on VHS is a corny snow beast flick that's quite awful on most counts. I will say that I fell for the apparent twist because I thought the silly monster suit was supposed to be just that. You know what I mean if you've seen this film. Covers my goal to watch one of my VHS tapes this week. 4.5/10

Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics (2010) provides an adequate history of DC Comics and its superheroes from their origin to present day including the struggles after the war when people no longer craved hero comics. Nothing majorly new here but nice to see the creators give their perspective. 7/10
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  • January Re-watch: 2
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