Saturday, January 08, 2011

Movie Night '11 #1

Deep Space (1987) kicked off my early morning viewing on NWI. Really gotta love Netflix for bringing a lot of these old OOP titles on streaming. This is a Fred Olen Ray flick, which my capsule should end there. But hey Charles Napier is the star along with the hot Ann Turkel. Oh Bo Svenson and Julie Newmar are also in this. And Ron Glass! This is a monster flick and it's not bad. Lots of people get killed as Napier tries to hunt it down. 5.7/10

Condor (1986) was next via NWI starring Ray Wise with an android (female) partner trying to stop an evil android (female) ex-prisoner. This was a made-for-TV movie and it shows. Not a bad watch for early morning but nothing special. Does feature a fun dragster race! 5.5/10

After several hours of sleep I headed over to Ron's for a impromptu movie night to celebrate his birthday. First movie night of 2011! Sadly no one else could make but whatever. We still had a good time with the blu-rays I brought.

Ninja (2009) was the first blu up so we could watch with the kids, who apparently had seen it before even tho Ron had not. Weird. Anyways, this is the Isaac Florentine helmed throwback film featuring Scott Adkins in a plot you'd see in an 80s ninja flick. Ninja school, bad egg ninja gets kicked outta school and becomes supervillain hired by a secret cult that controls the underworld. I said the only thing missing was a "Cannon Video" logo before the film. Really fun and so much better than the lifeless Ninja Assassin. 6.8/10

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006) was next up thanks to Amazon UK offering the all-region blu-ray. Been looking forward to finally watching this low budget thriller and it delivers. Directed by Jonathan Levine, you can tell this movie was made a few years ago because Amber Heard and Whitney Able (she of Monsters) look so young. 7/10

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) was our final film on blu-ray for the night. It's considered a Shaw Brothers classic and it comes pretty close to that. Much of the film is really a long training exercise but it's very entertaining. Lo Lieh is the evil general but he really doesn't get that much screen time. 6.8/10
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