Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rock Me, Miller

Rockula (1990) features Dean Cameron as a 400 year old vampire looking to score. Toni Basil is his mother looking to get her dance on. He wants to be in a rock band and be with his girl. Musical performances happen. It's good. It's bad. It's Rockula... on NWI. 5.6/10

Green Zone (2010) I skipped last year because of the mixed reactions. That and it being yet another glimpse into the conflict in Iraq was enough to keep me away. Wish I hadn't because I enjoyed what Greengrass did and the presence of Matt Damon, who sells it. Jason Isaacs is also darn good for the role he's given. Not a perfect film but enough tension to make it a worthwhile watch. 7/10

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972) is not the worst adaptation (this is the sixth I've seen in the past year) but it's far from memorable even with the likes of Peter Sellers and Dudley Moore. Probably due to no one but Alice really having a large part. That was an unintentional joke (she grows larger, folks). Fiona Fullerton is a rather bland Alice. Watched on NWI but won't remember it in a year. Or maybe it's time to take a beak from Alice in Wonderland films? 5/10

  • January New: 32
  • January Re-watch: 3
  • January '11 Total: 35
  • January '10 Total: 51
  • 2010 TOTAL: 35

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