Friday, January 14, 2011

Machine Bee Undead

Android (1982) has Klaus Kinski playing god on a space station, creating life in the form of, yes, androids. His world gets mussed when some wanted criminals take refuge, and our lead android (uncredited Don Keith Opper) begins to explore his humanity. Enjoyed the viewing. Its soft rock soundtrack had me wondering about humanity too. I may have picked up the one-sheet of this a while back. On Netflix Instant. 6/10

The Green Hornet (2011) is the film that should have never been. And it shows. No need to dissect its long tumultuous history here because it's not very interesting. Nor is this film. With the notable exception of Jay Chou, this Hornet fires blanks. Maybe the first Rogen character I dislike. And it has potential but where is Gondry in this? The year is young but this will likely be one of the bigger disappointments of 2011. 6/10

Received Les Revenants (2004) a.k.a. They Came Back from Netflix under the guise of a fresh take on zombies. Instead we're treated with people who die but come back to life as vacant shells of their former selves. Not really anything zombie-ish about it. But it is interesting albeit more on the slow-paced side of things. Kinda thought the pacing was leading up to something grand but not really. 6/10

The Tomb (1986) tumbles but never falls. Directed by Fred Olen Ray, our characters find themselves in a… tomb. Okay, not quite. Basically a tomb is robbed of its artifacts and an evil vampire queen (the sexy Michelle Bauer) comes to America to enact revenge. Watched via Instant streaming but have on VHS somewhere. Not terrible. 5.7/10
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