Monday, January 03, 2011

(My) Top Ten Most Fun Films of 2010

Unlike my "Best-of" list, I present the list of new releases that I had the most fun with in 2010. No need for eloquence here... just fun.

10. Piranha 3D
Went out of my way for a midnight screening expecting very little. What I got was a rambunctious crowd and schlocky big screen B-movie that on paper should not have been anywhere near as entertaining as this was.

9. StreetDance 3D
The only movie on this list I did not see at the cinema was also one that had me tearing up with joy. Not quite as enjoyable as Step Up 3D, this one still has enough moves to make onto my most fun list. For a post-BTSNAT screening with @BTSjunkie and @Noahphex, I couldn't have asked for more. Suuuuuurge!

8. Best Worst Movie
One of my best-of films equally deserving as one of the most fun experiences. It's quite surreal to sit in the very same theater that is also featured in the movie you're viewing. Also remarkable at the wealth of comedy in this heartwarming documentary. Me and the other dozen people at the Music Box laughed a lot.

7. Burlesque
This one may lose me some cred (not that I had any). Can't really put into words my fascination with Cher. Maybe it started as a child watching her variety show with the late Sonny Bono. Not really sure but I am sure that I love this film and all its layers of cheese. Was certain the top half of my head was going to fall off from my ear-to-ear grin. Oh, and Xtina? ♥ her since the genie days.

6. Kick-Ass
Good event. Nice theater. Great company. Kick-ass film. Put those together for a vastly enjoyable experience. After a day spent at the inaugural C2E2: Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, we headed over to a brand new swanky theater downtown to see this opening weekend. My ribs hurt afterwards. Yes, that'll carve out a spot on this list.

5. Tangled
Thanksgiving afternoon, tiny packed theater, and my girlfriend, a Disney fanatic. All that overrides Toy Story 3, which doesn't even make this list because, frankly, it wasn't a *fun* viewing experience (awful, belligerent audience). This one, however, was a blast. Audience full of kids completely mesmerized with plenty of adults chuckling along. Place it on a holiday and it becomes unforgettable.

4. Easy A
Easily could've made my "Best-of" list for how much I adore this film. And it's a testament to how much I enjoyed this screening considering the less than desirable screening conditions, i.e. lousy theater, talkative audience, etc. But the charm of this film helmed by Emma Stone - who appears stunningly gorgeous in one frame and a muppet in another - won me over.

3. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
Another runner-up for best of the year, this dark comedy of Finnish Santa Claus lore adapted for modern times owned the audience at Fantastic Fest (read my FF scribblings here). Not many films I saw at FF produced a peep; this movie generated laughs. Lots of them. Rare indeed and a magical moment from my eight days at the festival.

2. Step Up 3D
No, this is not a mistake. Before we go on I will admit to being part of the masses that dismissed the early news that the next Step Up would be in 3D. A joke, right? All I can say now is well played, Jon Chu, well played. Clearly he knows the formula for making 3D effective because here it rocks. I caught myself audibly cheering for Moose and the Pirates as they move up the dance battle ladder from Red Hook to the House of Samurai. This is the best use of 3D I've seen and the most fun I had watching a new film in 2010… almost.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
You already saw this film listed on my Top Ten Best of 2010. This might not be everyone's most fun film of the year but if you didn't have fun with this flick, you may need to see a robotics engineer because you're probably not human. Saw it twice at the cinemas and only wish I had seen it more during its relatively short late summer run. I know it has its naysayers but I've yet to meet one. Thank you, Edgar Wright.

Runner-ups: Exit Through the Gift Shop, Gallants, Force of Five, Hatchet II, How To Train Your Dragon, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, MacGruber, Mutant Girls Squad, Outrage, Popatopolis, Satan Hates You, Summer Wars, The Expendables, TRON: Legacy.

Just remember: not all "fun" films are necessarily the best films or even great films. All that matters is that *you* have fun with them. (^-^)/

Speaking of "fun" lists, @ReelDistraction just posted his favorite vintage films seen in 2010. That's the way to do a fun list.

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